A Plain English Guide to Internet Marketing 

Website Promotion...Why It's Important

This one is huge!  You can have a spectacular website.  If you don’t know anything about website promotion, you’re dead in the water.

If you are a business owner, marketing is the most important thing you do.  And, it is a never ending task.  From handing out business cards to TV commercials, it is the key to getting new customers.  

Having a website for your business is no different. 

This is my problem with Major Domain Name Seller with Free Website.  You get the website, but no one tells you what comes next. 

Do you all ready have a website?   Are you disappointed with the results?  Inadequate promotion may be the reason you aren’t getting any action. 

So How do I Promote My Website?

The good news is, there are lots of ways to promote your website.   You will notice in this list below, there are links to other pages where the subject is more fully explained. 

  • The first and best way is to keep creating fresh content.  As simple as this sounds, more content is the answer 90% of the time. 
  • Did you know most online searches are initiated on a smart phone or tablet?  Make sure your website is mobile compatible.  Websites look different when viewed on mobile devices. 
  • Consider Blogging.  Blogging can be a quick way to publish information about you and your company.  A big consideration is how often you want to post.  See the Blog Marketing Page 
  • How about publishing an E-Magazine or Ezine for short.  Ezines are like expanded blogs, but covering more than one topic.  These are especially good for service providers. See the Ezine Marketing Page. 
  • E-mail marketing is a great way to market.  Especially if you all ready have an e-mail list of clients, customers, or prospects.  See the Email Marketing Page.
  • Do you have a solution to a common problem in your industry?  How about writing a white paper?  You can include it as a download PDF on your website.  See the White Paper Page

Website Promotion Sounds Like a Lot of Work

It can be.  It can also be a lot of fun.  After all, you get an opportunity to write about something you are passionate about. 

The key is don’t try to do everything.  Pick something you are comfortable with, then pound away at it.  These things take time to get responses. 

If you don’t feel you have time, you can also hire some one to do it for you.  Here’s where I can help.  See the Services Page  or email me using the link below. 

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