A Plain English Guide to Internet Marketing 

What is  Content Marketing

Content Marketing and Techno-Speak

Content Marketing is like any other industry.   It created a whole vocabulary of terms and phrases describing the evolution of the business  and its interaction with the internet.   The challenge arises when you try to make sense of this stuff.

Terms like: curation, SEO, KEI, KPI, and meta data, are baffling. It makes these guys sound like they are speaking a foreign language.  That’s where this website comes in.  My goal is explaining things to you in everyday language. Then you can cut through the BS and put these terrific ideas to work building your business.

Just what is Content Marketing?  

In simple language here it is.  Let’s say you make widgets.  I am assuming you are passionate about widgets.  You love talking about them so much, people are afraid to say hello to you for fear you will launch into your latest widget tale.  OK?  Content Marketing is you telling stories about widgets.  It’s that simple.  And, you love to do it anyway. 

Content marketing  is making interesting information about widgets available to your potential customers for free.   

Discover how to write about what you love
(also called content generation)

People almost always freeze up when they get to this part.  Relax. Take a deep breath. Just let your mind drift to your favorite subject, widgets.  

Exhale.  What pops into your head?  

How about 10 Unique Ways to Save Money with Widgets?  What Makes Widgets So Special?  47 Ways Widgets Can Improve Your Lifestyle?  How a Widget Saved My Life?  And on, and on.  Come up with about 10 titles.  Then grab a pen or a computer and start writing.  

“But, I can’t write,” you say.  Ah, here is the secret.  Don’t write.  Just imagine yourself out with your best friend having coffee.  Imagine telling them how your life was saved by a Widget.  Write it down.  

Here’s the best news.  Forget everything your English teacher taught you about how to write anything.  Just write it like you’d tell it. 

Simple, huh?  That’s really all there is to it.  I know you can do it. 

How to get the word out

Getting these stories out is easier than you think.  You can use your website.  If you don’t have one check out the page Why Website Marketing  Take a look at the benefits. 

Do you have a list of email addresses of your current and past customers? How about a blog?  How about an email newsletter?  Do you have a list of physical addresses for current and past customers?   Consider mailing a one page printed newsletter printed on your own computer.  Then start building a list of email addresses. 

Why is This Important?

Why do people go on the internet today? They are looking for information on how to solve a problem.  

Let’s say someone enters a search for “will a widget do X”. Your website pops up.  Behold, you have more information on widgets than  they could digest in a year.  They love your passion for widgets.  They become very interested in what you have to say.

They bookmark your page.  They sign up for your page updates and email news letter.  

Now you are sending out information about you and your business. And, sending it to someone definitely interested in your product.  The bonus? Very low production cost. 

They read your widget stories for two or three months. Finally they are ready to buy.  Who do you think they will order from? The answer is you!

Remember people would rather buy from people they know and trust. 

This works for services too.  Are you selling a service?  Telling your story is a great way to interest people in hiring you. How passionate are you about the service you provide to others? How about answering the 10 most common questions people ask?

Are you getting Interested?

Check out the Why Website Markeing Page to find out why you should get a website.  Even if you already have a website, that page is interesting. 

Then check out the Building a Website Page for details on how to get a website. 

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