A Plain English Guide to Internet Marketing 

Blog Marketing…Why Do It?

Why do it?  Because blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website.  Best of all, it’s free.   

Here’s another huge benefit.  Facebook and Twitter postings may come and go, but Blogs are indexed by Google.  That means they are searchable.  A blog post you put out there today could be found by a potential customer or client six months or a year from now. 

What is a Blog Anyway?

A blog (which is slang for web log) is a discussion site on the internet.  It usually consists of individual postings listed with the newest on top. 

It’s a great way to share timely information in your business or industry.  You can also use it to publish an opinion or answer a question. 

It should be on target with your website theme.  So, if you’re an accountant, you shouldn’t be posting about your orchid collection.  

Blogging is not for everyone.  Some businesses just don’t lend themselves to it.  

One thing you need to consider is how much time you want to spend on it.  Consistency is very important. The top bloggers post every day.  Once or twice a week should be considered the absolute minimum.

What Do I Put In My Blog?

Once again, it’s all about your customer.  Not about you. 

Here are some ideas for Blog Posts.  You can:

  • Give tips and how to’s
  • Write answers to questions you get asked.
  • Write for different customer segments
  • List resources for customers to get information 
  • Give your opinion on  a recent news event 
  • Go to Quora (a question and answer site).  Browse for questions relating to your field.  Create a blog post that answers those questions. 
  • Do some keyword research.  Write a blog post on a keyword.  Remember people search the internet for answers to questions. 
  • You want your content to be current.  90% of your intention should be focused on great content.  Think like a daily newspaper.  Try to be first with news occasionally.  Write in a personal voice. 

Your post can be any length.  That said, 250 words is the minimum for the search engines to rank it.  The ideal length is 500 to 1250 words.  

Your content should be “scannable”.  Remember Web readers don’t read word for word.  Paragraphs should be short.  Three to four sentences maximum.  Use subheads if you can. 

Where Are Blogs Published?

Excellent question.  Your website host may support blogging as a part of your service.  SBI (Site Build It) does.  Your website host may also use a plug in such as Wordpress. 

There are several blog hosting services out there.  The absolute king is Wordpress.  Wordpress is simple and easy for beginners to use.  Best of all they have a plan that is free. One drawback is the blog domain name will look like  myveryownblog@worpress.com  if you want your blog to have it’s own domain name, you will need to get one of their premium options. 

You also need to remember, publishing a blog is similar to Ezines and Email Marketing.  You have to build a list of recipients, and you have to provide a way for people to subscribe and opt out

Is Blogging Worth It?

Absolutely.  If you are up to the task of producing copy multiple times a week, it can be a way to drive a lot of traffic to your website.   

If you would like some help doing this, just go to my Services Page.

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